Dust: take control of a damaging, costly nuisance

Road dust is made up of fine particles that are important to the stability of the road. When these fine particles are lost the gravel road begins to break down. Driving scatters the coarser aggregate, causing potholes, ruts, washboards, and other problems. Flying dust can present visibility problems to drivers, greatly increasing the possibility of vehicle accidents.

Not only is dust from these roads a nuisance, they have been cited in many cases of respiratory illness for humans that live near areas in need of dust control. Road dust control is also important in inhibiting mite infestations in berry fields and wineries.

Wetting the road surface helps to keep dust-related problems in check. Moisture helps fines adhere to each other and to aggregates, allowing for optimum compaction. The trick is to keep the road moist. In order to keep the road moist you need dust suppressant applied to your gravel surfaces. Once applied, our dust suppressant pulls moisture from the air and holds it in the ground. It binds fine dust particles to keep the roads stabilized and eliminate dust.

A few of the many FEATURES & BENEFITS

  • Allows for cleaner air and reduces dust
  • Improves road quality with fewer pot holes and less wash boarding
  • Ensures public safety
  • Reduces road maintenance cost of watering, grading, and gravel replacement
  • Prevents wind and weather erosion
  • Can be used on many gravel and soil types
  • Non-toxic and safe for the environment
  • Control of Dust Mites in the air
  • Serves as a viable cost-effective alternative to an asphalt surface treatment
  • Helps improve roads when used over time


Our dust suppressant is the least harmful of common dust suppressants. It is free of toxic metals and substances, it is used as an ice control agent, and also a fertilizer for crops such as turf and small grains.

We have dust suppressant options that can be applied in sensitive areas such as aquifers, lakes, streams, vineyards, berry fields, orchards, and more. In addition, It is a non-corrosive and non-hazardous product that is easily washed out of equipment and clothing by using regular water

Uses & Applications

Dust control is extremely important in all application techniques. However, these preparations do not need to be time consuming or costly. The better the road conditions, the more successful the application will be. The following four factors will work together to achieve optimum results:

  1. Quality and composition of aggregate
  2. Road Preparation
  3. Compaction
  4. Application Rate

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