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Custom Tank Services Ltd. delivers exceptional road maintenance solutions for all of your dust control, erosion control, and soil stabilization needs, while keeping your unique environmental needs in mind. Read more →


“We are a busy 20 acre gravel pit with lots of trucks and machinery.  We make dust!  The dust control application applied by Custom Tank Services has minimized the dust at the pit drastically.  We are pleased with the service and results.”

“Custom Tank Service has been handling our dust control for many years now. As a berry farm we need to keep dust off the fruit, Custom Tank Service helps us do that. I know I can call them when the weather becomes sunny and they will be at the farm promptly.”

“My daughter and I operate a Riding Stable. Standing in a dry dusty arena teaching is not a healthy environment for ourselves, students and horses. We are thrilled with how this dust control product has worked. It has been almost a year still virtually no dust. We highly recommend this product. The guys did a thorough job and they are very personable.”

“We have been a customer of Custom Tank Services for a couple years now to control the dust on our road ways and yard. I am pleased with the results. Kevin is conscientious about the weather conditions. He’s prompt and reliable. I would recommend Custom Tank Services.”

About Dust Control BC

Custom Tank Services Ltd. provides dust control for all of your dusty areas in BC, Canada.   We are based in the Fraser Valley.  Additionally, we now service the Cariboo region and have a 100 Mile House location.
We also have grading and road services available.

Custom Tank Services Ltd. offers long-lasting and extremely effective dust suppressant solutions for unpaved roads. We help our customers protect infrastructure investments, the environment and human health and safety. Dust Suppressants are applied to road surfaces by experienced operators utilizing high quality spray trucks and we respond quickly to the needs of our customers.

We service any area bothered by dust:

Gravel Roads, Commercial Sites, Parking Lots, Individual Houses, Driveways, Orchards and Berry Farms, Trailer and RV Parks, Camp Sites, Log Yards, Forestry and Logging Roads, Mining Roads, Helipads, Construction Sites, Residential Areas, Wineries, Rail and Truck Yards, Rock Quarries, golf courses, Horse Arenas.

  • Moist roads (the key)

    Moisture is pulled from the air and held in the ground by our dust suppresants. Fine dust particles are bound to keep the roads stabilized and dust is eliminated.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Our dust suppressants are environmentally friendly, free of toxic metals. They are used as ice control agents and also fertilizers for crops such as turf and small grains.

  • Road maintenance cost reduction

    With dust control the driving surface is compacted, preventing pot holes and the need for regrading. It is also a cost-effective alternative to asphalt surface treatment.

  • The right program / product for you

    We understand there are different variables in each job. We are happy to create a site‐specific plan. We have a dust control product that is right for your needs. Contact Us!